Finished – well almost

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Last week I finished A Midsummer Night’s Dream and so the Once Upon A Time Challenge. Okay, I was a little late and I didn’t finish the Morte D’Arthur, but I read a few extra in the fantasy category. I enjoyed AMSND. It was fun although I read the synopsis first and I think that it took away from the play a little, because it was very thorough. It was like reading the boring version of the story first and then the real story. Must look up Pyramus and Thisbe (Benet’s!) It was exciting, because I got to see the origin of Duke Ellington’s Piece, “Such Sweet Thunder.” I knew it was from Shakespeare, but I didn’t know the context. It was a little disappointing, because it is a wonderful phrase so I thought it would describe something better than hunting dogs. Oh well. One thing I love about Shakespeare is that you will be reading a play and then come across a common phrase. You have to hand it to the Bard for inserting himself into the English language so well that hundreds of years later his phrases fit seamlessly into our conversation.


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