Michael Ondaatje’s Divisadero

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I wrote a review a few weeks ago on this book for read this! I just wanted to gush a little about this book in a way that I didn’t in the review. I have read most of Ondaatje’s books and although I enjoy the stories, what I really love about them is the writing. I can’t say what it is exactly. He’s also a poet, so there is that element to his writing. Everything is so flawless. It is sparse, but not in the Spartan way typical of many American novels. Ondaatje can be spare and lyrical at the same time. Divisadero is not a book for everyone. On the one hand, I did want more of tidy ending, but on the other hand, I was ready to immediately re-read the book in order to see the connections between the two stories more clearly.


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