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I’ve finished Tree of Smoke and it is such a relief. I was drawn into the story, but it was tough going because of the subject matter. What book about Vietnam is going to be uplifting? I think it’s hard to write about this book because there are so many reviews out there. It wasn’t my favorite Denis Johnson, but it is a great book for sure. I keep thinking about it and about the characters. I haven’t read a ton of books about Vietnam, I never studied it in school (I’m from New England did we learn about anything other than the American Revolution?) and I haven’t seen Apocolypse Now or many of the other Vietnam movies. I’m pretty sure that the book refers to all that culture in some way and I’m missing out. I should go do some research and then read it a second time, but I really don’t want to. I’m feel like a weight has been lifted and it’s time to read some other books.

grammar2.gifI’ve finally started reading Grammar Lessons as part of the Armchair Traveler Challenge that I’m participating in unofficially. I recommend it highly for this challenge. Michele Morano’s beautifully written essays about living in Spain and learning the language are wonderful. Once I finish this, I’ll be in good shape challenge wise. As always my husband is doing a much better job with this challenge. He is reading Zorba the Greek and loving it.


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