garden fever already

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I just finished Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable Miracle. It’s a great book about eating local. It’s more fun than Joan Dye Gussow’s This Organic Life and more practical than Coming Home to Eat by Gary Paul Nabhan. I still recommend the latter, however. I’m vegetarian, so there were some parts that were upsetting and I’m sure die-hard vegans will have some serious issues. But I got really caught up with garden fever after reading it. I have been a crazy organic gardener since college – starting my own seeds, canning, saving seeds.  In the two summers since my son was born I haven’t planted a single tomato. It is insanely depressing. After I read this book I wanted to pull out my garden journal and reclaim my title as Steward of Genetic Diversity. My son is already showing signs of garden obsession. The other day we were playing blocks outside and he stopped, pronounced “sheed!” and toddled over to our garlic chives that have gone to seed and toddled back with some seed heads to give me. I wanted to jump up and down clapping my hands. Bring on those seed catalogs!


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