Big reading and small

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“It’s a bully’s heaven we have been given, a coercive place where all the self-righteous float around judging, voyeurs with wings.”

This is a quote from Nathan Englander’sThe Ministry of Special Cases.  For some reason this quote just really struck me. I liked the book which like so many of the books I read this year had great characters but was heart-breaking. It’s also a book to send me searching for background material. It’s about “The Dirty War” in Argentina and the “disappeared.” Of course, I know about them, but I don’t really know much.

On a lighter note, we started reading A Child’s Christmas in Wales to our son. It’s too old for him, but he loves it and it makes him fall asleep which is an added bonus. I love that he gets to hear Thomas’s rich language. I found a nice picture book version a few years back illustrated by Chris Raschka. I’d love to find other things like that to read to him.


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