Was there a time when I went to shows?

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Oh, yeah. There was. Remember when you had all that money to spend on things like ridiculously overpriced band t-shirts? I was putting away this book that I must have seen in our library’s Homework Center a million times, but today for some reason it dawned on me that it was a book about band t-shirts. This may seem strange to you since the name of this book is called The Art of the Band T-shirt, but what can I say. I live in my own little world. Anyway, I picked it up to see if any of my band t-shirts might be in there. I had no idea that there were t-shirts for Elvis Presley and Martha and the Vandellas. The book has plenty of Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead and metal t-shirts, but it also has hardcore and alternative t-shirts, too. Toward the end of the book I found one of mine – Jawbreaker’s “When it pains, it roars.” It’s one of my favorites, I have to admit. I think my Throwing Muses shirt from when they opened for R.E.M. ( a concert I didn’t even go to) is my all time favorite. Problem is when you really like a t-shirt it usually show. I had a college friend who sported a burned light-bulb t-shirt (he threw it over a light bulb in lieu of a lamp-shade and it burnt a hole in it) but he wore it because he loved it so much. Anyway, this was a fun little book that is making me want to go find that box of t-shirts I refused to throw out.


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