Super Spy

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superspy.gifOkay, so I don’t read a lot of graphic novels. But, I’ve been trying to keep them as part of my regular reading, because it is my job to order the adult graphic novels at the library. Super Spy by Matt Kindt is the newest addition to our collection and my latest favorite. It really is wonderful. Kindt delves into the inner lives of spies during World War II. He introduces the different spies in “dossiers” and as the story develops we watch their paths cross. The story is not chronological, but he dates all of the dossiers so you can read it that way if you want. Although the storyline is interesting, the characters are what drew me in. I found myself developing favorite spies and I wasn’t always clear about who was a good spy and who was a bad spy. Sharlink or “The Shark” was by far my favorite. She’s mysterious, ruthless and if you come across her, you are as good as dead. If there’s a sequel, I hope we get to learn more about her. It was refreshing to see so many female spies. The artwork is particularly good. The drawings are sparse which adds to the depressing nature of the subject. In spite of their simplicity, Kindt manages to add a lot of little details that help ground the story – a lamp that appears in one dossier shows up in another later on like a little clue for the reader. I highly recommend this one, it’s the kind of book you’ll want to read more than once.


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