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People keep talking about the demise of the book and that people don’t read, but it seems like I read an article about first-time authors about once a month or two. I was reading one such article this week in Publisher’s Weekly that reminded me of Danielle’s post about international authors. There were American authors, too, but the books that sounded interesting to me were from outside the U.S.

bloodkin.jpgBlood Kin – Ceridwen Dovey
A president has been overthrown by a military coup in a nameless country in an unspecified era. The presidents barber, chef, and portraitist are imprisoned, with many others, in a remote palace in the hills high above the city center. Before the coup, these three men worked with unquestioning loyalty, serving the president in seemingly benign jobs. Now, forced to serve the countrys new leader, they begin to reconsider their role in the old regime.

explodingmangoes.jpgThe Case of the Exploding MangoesMohammed Hanif
Set in the last years of General Zia’s regime in Pakistan, Hanif’s highly praised book gives a fictional account of what happened to the Hercules plane that crashed in 1988, killing the President.

gramophone.jpgHow the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone – Sasa Stanisic

Aleksandr Krsmanovic calls on the gift of storytelling to see him through his grandfather’s sudden death. It is a gift he will have to call on again when soldiers transform his hometown of Višegrad, Bosnia, into a nightmarish landscape of terror and violence.

Here’s the link to the full article.


2 thoughts on “First-time authors

    Danielle said:
    February 6, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    Thanks for the links–these do sound good. I am always on the look out now for interesting new fiction in translation. I know it’s out there, but you don’t always hear about it.

    ta said:
    February 6, 2008 at 5:16 pm

    No problem. Sorry I couldn’t find your post. Now, I have to see if they are in our library! That’s another problem. It doesn’t seem that people read a lot of books in translation. I think maybe you mentioned that in your post. I read reviews of books that sound great either new fiction or books in translation and we don’t always have them at my library.

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