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I am in the middle of an abundance of reading riches as usual. I just thought I’d write a little about what I’m up to re: the nightstand. Last night I finished A Golden Age by Tahmima Anam, which was a wonderful first novel about the revolution in East Pakistan now Bangladesh. I’ll be reviewing it over at Read This! sometime soon. Sometimes it takes a book to make you realize how little you know. I personally didn’t know much of anything about Bangladesh except they seem to have a great deal of poverty and bad weather. Now I’m going to have to investigate that further.

For my poetry fix, I’m reading Outlaw Style by R.T. Smith. I read a review of it somewhere, and I don’t think I would have picked this on my own, but there was a bit of his poetry in the review and I was pretty taken with it. I have to love this book for the simple fact that there is a list of books at the end that the author read while writing the book. I love reading acknowledgments and references in non-fiction books, but a list of books read while writing poetry now that really is something that makes my inner nerd cheer.

I’m still plugging along with Moby Dick and I’m going to post on that soon. I’m reading an interesting non-fiction book about Maria Sibylla Merian, a 17th/18th Century naturalist who loved to paint moths in the various stages of their life cycle. I need to spend more time on this. I’ve also got a stack of graphic novels, for work purposes mostly though I am enjoying them. These are the ones I brought home yesterday: Remembrance of Things Past adapted by Stephane Heuet, French Milk by Lucy Knisley and Tales from the Farm by Jeff Lemire. Well I better get reading!


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