Garden Fever

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childsgarden.gifIt must have been the snowdrops we saw out on our walk yesterday, but I have been hit hard with garden fever. We used to be big time gardeners with two plots at a community garden. We planted 30-40 tomato plants and canned our own tomato sauce. But the spring I was pregnant with my son, I never got to transplant my tomato plants because I was put on bed rest and then my son was born right around tomato planting time. Our yard turned into a jungle. Last year we managed to plant some herbs and flowers about half-way through the summer. This year I hope will be different. My husband has set aside a part of the yard for a real garden and my son loves to be in the yard and in the plants, so I’m hoping we can pull it off. Of course when we came home from our walk, I ordered way too many seeds from one of my favorite seed companies Seeds of Change I like to dream big when it comes to planting and then see what I get. Two new garden books I have on the nightstand are A Child’s Garden: 60 Ideas to Make Any Garden Come Alive for Children by Molly Dannenmaier and The Propagator’s propbible.gifBible by Miranda Smith. I’m hoping to get some good ideas for my little steward of genetic diversity. I’m also excited about my apple guilds. When we bought our house, we inherited three apple trees and we haven’t had too much success with the fruit. Apples are a lot of work. I just read about the apple guilds in the Seeds of Change catalog. It’s a permaculture thing. I’ll try to write a little more about that later.


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