Non-fiction and YA on the nightstand

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So, much for self-control. I brought a bunch of books back to the library only to take out a few more. It’s all the window shopping that I do while I’m at work. Some people are immune to being surrounded by books and others aren’t. I’m like a kid in a candy shop every day. Actually, I did work in a candy shop as a teenager and I can safely say that I never got over that either. We would have little contests like: how many pieces of fudge can you eat before you feel sick (3) and how much candy corn can you eat in one night (quite a lot, hey it’s seasonal!). Ah well, back to books. I mostly read literary fiction, but I do have a soft spot for some fantasy. Generally when I do read fantasy it’s YA, so that’s how I ended up with Holly Black’s book Tithe. I’m afraid it might be a little too dark and gritty for me, but we’ll see. It’s about a teenager who “finds herself an unwilling pawn in an ancient power struggle between to rival faerie kingdoms.” tithe.gif

As for the non-fiction, I picked up The New Writer’s Handbook edited by Philip Martin. I haven’t written anything in eons, so I’m hoping that this will get me going. However, I’ve had Bill O’Hanlon’s Write is A Verb on the bottom of a pile of books for a couple of weeks now. Priorities! Oh well. I’ve been baking all manner of muffins and breads with my son instead. Which brings me to the next book Local Breads by Daniel Leader. We’ve been doing so much baking, I’d like to try to make some nice bread. The crispy on the outside kind you buy at the bakery. My husband always groans and rolls his eyes when I say things like this. His response would be something like “Is that after you become a nurse or before you learn anglo-saxon?” Finally, I’ve said that I have garden fever, and I picked up dragonsgate.gifGardening at the Dragon’s Gate by Wendy Johnson to help me get into the spirit. Wendy Johnson has been gardening at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center in Northern California for thirty years. This book is a memoir of her time in the garden “where the fields curve like an enormous green dragon between the hills and the ocean.” Wow. Well I better get to reading!


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