Kids, TV and DVDs

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wheelsbus.jpgAs a rule my son (21 mos) doesn’t watch TV. When one of us is sick, I try a little Sesame Street Old School and that lasts about 2 minutes. Moving is always better. I tried Fat Albert once and that was a big mistake. Not that I don’t love Fat Albert, but it’s not appropriate for a toddler. Most people would probably have figured this out ahead of time, but parenting is a real work in progress for us. Last time G had the stomach flu, I tried the Scholastic DVD Wheels on the Bus. That was a big hit because my son loves that song and it’s basically an animated version of a pop-up book by Paul Zelinsky that he is already obsessed with. There are some other book adaptations on the DVD, but why watch those when you can watch Wheels on the Bus over and over. Did I mention that Bacon Brothers do the music. And of course there is always ESPN on at least two TVs at the barber shop, too. I’m not thrilled about that, but it is a great barber shop and a real father-son experience I would want to interrupt.

Why I’m I going into all this? Well, the other day at my sons parent/teacher conference(!) we saw part of a DVD callededison.jpg Edison’s Day. It’s all about a little boy (20 mos.) and how he goes about his day in a Montessori home environment. I borrowed the DVD from the school so I could get some ideas for our home. It was very sweet and sometimes amazing what little Edison could do. Because he is about the same age as my son, I thought maybe he would like to watch it. Well, the young man was transfixed. He gave new meaning to glued to the TV. I had to sit him in my lap to get him a reasonable distance away from it. Whenever, I asked him a question about what Edison was doing he answered in a whisper. He was that into it. I still think we will raise G with as little TV as possible. He does seem to be happy without it. But, I guess there are some good things out there.


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