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Ah! What a wonderful spring afternoon! After all the rain and cold weather it’s nice to have a throw the windows wide open and let the fresh air in kind of day. We planted our tomato seeds this morning (my son actually planted seeds with a lot of help from Dad) and my husband finally pruned our apple trees not a moment too soon. I think they’ll be flowering in a week or so.

On the reading front, I’ve finished Andre Dubus’s The Garden of Last Days which was very good, but slightly embarrassing for me at least because one of the main characters is a stripper. My squeamishness aside, I thought it was a great book. There’s a little more hope in it than in his last book. I’ll be reviewing it soon for Read This! I’ve started reading a slim, little book called Notes on the Occupation by Eric Hazan about Palestinian refugees. I need look into the background of the author for this one, because the topic is highly charged and I want to know if there are any particular biases. So far, the book is upsetting and infuriating as one would expect. I was going to make a comment on it, but I should save that for another day.

Finally, I just started reading Gossamer by Lois Lowry for the Once Upon A Time Challenge. This is a fun book so far and a great concept. It’s about these little creatures that go around at night and “bestow” dreams. I’ve never read Lois Lowry before. There were some girls I went to school with who were insane over Lois Lowry. I never did have much guidance in my reading, so I probably never read her, because I wanted to read something different or weird. Well now I can catch up on my 5th grade reading! Besides who doesn’t want to read a book called Gossamer? True it may be a slightly overused word, but it is a great word nonetheless.


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