Gossamer ~ Lois Lowry

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I’ve finished my first book for the Once Upon A Time Challenge. Hooray! Like I said before, I hadn’t read Lois Lowry before, so this was a great introduction to a legendary children’s author. I was surprised by how short the book was and by how much Lowry could fit in a book that was less than 140 pages. Gossamer tells the story of Littlest, a young dream giver who is assigned to the house of a lonely, older woman and her dog. Littlest is curious, carefree and perhaps a little hard to manage as a pupil. When a little boy named John comes to stay at the woman’s house, things change for Littlest. She must take her job seriously when the “sinisteeds” come and inflict horrible nightmares on the boy. Littlest’s interactions with the boy help begin to illuminate her unique talents as a dream giver. I enjoyed this book very much. The idea of the dream givers is wonderful. Lowry takes on some hefty topics – domestic violence and foster care – and weaves them into a fantastic tale. Her characters are honest and believable. I couldn’t help but root for them. I think I’ll try and find an excuse to read some of her other novels sometime soon.


One thought on “Gossamer ~ Lois Lowry

    Carl V. said:
    April 14, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    This sounds good. I haven’t read any of her work either but this being what looks like a quick but worthwhile read makes me want to start.

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