The Gardener ~ Sarah Stewart

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My son loves his role as garden helper, so I picked this up at the library when I saw it on the “to-be-shelved” cart. I didn’t read it before-hand which is a mistake I make over and over. But, I was lucky this time. (Not so lucky when starting Babar, which I don’t think I’m going to pursue) Even though the story is sad, there is so much hope and kindness, I don’t think my little guy even understands why it’s sad just yet. Oh, I suppose I should tell you what it is about. During the Great Depression, a young girl named Lydia Grace, goes to live with her Uncle in the city, because her father is out of work and her mother can’t get any work making dresses. Uncle Jim is a baker who never smiles. The story is told through Lydia Grace’s letters to her family. It’s so sweet to see how she plans to use her gardening skills to make Uncle Jim smile. The pictures by David Small are wonderful. I can’t wait to check out their other book The Library. I was thinking after I read this book, that even though the Great Depression was a time of great poverty and suffering, there are so many stories of hard work and people helping other people. This is something we are trying to instill in our son. We always talk about helping “people who need help.” I think he gets it. I worry about our economy and wonder if we end up on hard times if we’ll be as resilient and kind as some of our grandparents and great-grandparents.


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