Traveling with Toddlers and Apples

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I have been away from the internet for a while, which can be a good thing and a bad thing, but we took our first trip as a family (dog included) to my in-laws over the weekend. Based on past long-trips with our son in which a 3 hour trip turned into 5 or when he cried for a solid hour, I was dreading this 5 hour trip more than a root-canal ( I had one while 3 weeks pregnant, so I know). Let’s just say that I was prepared for the worst and it turned out not so bad. I had my arsenal of books, CDs, Ranger Rick magazines, car bingo and my activity box. My son was so into all the big trucks and tunnels, I barely touched the activity box. He’s ready to go again, but my husband and I think we’ll wait (maybe a year or two!) Now, I’m behind on blogging and so forth, so I’ll try to catch up soon. I finally finished Gardening at the Dragons Gate by Wendy Johnson, which is a book that I think I might actually buy and would love to read again. It is a wonderful combination of gardening and Zen and not at all preachy or new-agey. I’ll write more later. I’m in the middle of Apples are from Kazakhstan by Christopher Robbins. It’s a great book so far. All I knew about Kazakhstan was that apples where from there. I read a book called Apples by Frank Browning and he goes into detail about the apples of Kazakhstan and the tragic story of the Russian geneticist Vavilov. I feel like I’ve really upped my nerd quotient in the last two sentences, but the Robbins book is a great armchair traveler read. As for Vavilov, this quote sent chills up my spine:

We shall mount the fire and we shall burn, but we shall not give up our convictions.


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