Albert the Fix-It Man ~ Janet Lord

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We just got this one out of the library, and my son loves it. Like a lot of boys, my son is obsessed with tools and trucks etc. I am not. I try to balance his exposure to all things tools/trucks. Not just because I don’t particularly care for them, but there is something a little too aggressive and not always environmentally-friendly about them. Here’s one example. My son wanted me to read a Magic School Bus book about visiting a decaying log. I just kind of tell him the story, because the book is way too old for him. In the beginning of the book a man with a chainsaw is going to saw up a log, but the kids convince him not to when they realize that the log is home to many creatures. Well, my son loves all the creatures, but he wants to cut that log up anyway. But then there are books that I call “nice” tool/truck books like Candice Ransom’s Tractor Day. Albert the Fix-It Man is another such book. Albert uses his fix-it skills to go around helping his neighbors and then when he falls sick all of the neighbors band together and try to help Albert. There is a nice “caring for other people” message alongside all those tools. Of course, I don’t know how green beans could help someone feel better. The would make me feel worse!


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