The Gargoyle – Andrew Davidson

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I just finished The Host last night, which I enjoyed. I might have liked it more than Breaking Dawn. I am annoyed at how slow I read sometimes. I stayed up until midnight two nights in a row to finish it. That wouldn’t be so bad if my lovely two year old didn’t wake me up at 5:10 and 5:45 the following mornings. Two tomes down and another fairly long book to go. My co-worker let me have The Gargoyle, because she was too busy reading something else. I’m caught up in the hype with this book. So far, the writing is great and so is the storytelling. I’m not too far in, but here’s a sample. The narrator has been describing his burn injuries from a car accident. He asks the reader to look at the coils on an electric stove:

I want you to trace the fingertips of your left hand gently across your right palm, noting the way your skin registers the lightest touch. If someone else were doing it, you might even be turned on. Now, slam that sensitive, responsive hand directly on to that glowing element. And hold it there. Hold it there as the element scorches Dante’s nine rings right into your palm, allowing you to grasp Hell in your hand forever.


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