Study Series by Maria V. Snyder

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I have to say I just loved Maria V. Snyder’s Study Series and so it will be impossible for me to talk coherently about it. It starts with Poison Study and I have felt like an idiot on the occasions when I have tried to describe the book to people because I just can’t summarize it in a few sentences and it just doesn’t sound that exciting when I try, but here goes. Yelena is due to be executed because she killed a man who was abusing and torturing her. Even though it was self-defense, the rules are the rules in Ixia. The rules also state that when the Commander’s food taster dies, the next person to be executed must be offered the job. When the opportunity arises for Yelena, she takes on the challenge.  I hate to say much more than that because of spoilers. But I will say that Snyder’s characters are just amazing. I love Yelena, because she goes from being abused, to being a real strong character and it’s great to watch her grow. Some of the secondary characters often steal the show and then there are the characters that you never now if they are good or bad.  All the books are real page-turners, too. I would be reading and say, ” just one more chapter” and the next thing I’d now it was 1 AM.  So, if you do decide to start reading Poison Study, make sure you have Magic Study ready, because you’ll need it as soon as you finish the first one. She has a new book coming out in May called Storm Glass and that’s a start of a new series in the same world. Looking forward to that. My Reader’s Advisory Roundtable is ruining me, because I keep starting books that are part of a series.


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