Silent on the Moor – Deanna Raybourn

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The problem with reading books in a series (particularly a good series) is that when you finish the latest book, there is you want nothing more than to read the next one. The only problem is you have to wait around a fairly long time for said book to be published.  Of course, there is some fun in the anticipation. I love having something to look forward to and after reading Silent in the Sanctuary, I was seriously ready for some more Brisbane and Lady Julia. Silent on the Moor was worth the wait. Deanna Raybourn does a terrific job of portraying Victorian England with just enough tongue and cheek. Her references to Wuthering Heights were  over the top, but not intrusive. There are actually Earnshaws in this book! Lady Julia does a terrific job of not doing what people tell her to do and thus getting into a wee bit of trouble now and then. But that’s what’s so endearing about her. Brisbane is as infuriating as ever. I nearly cried out of desperation at one point in the book. But, the tension between these two detectives along with tolling underwater bells, poison, Egyptology and the windswept Moor makes for a compulsive read.


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