Storm Glass ~ Maria V. Snyder

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storm-glass-newHere’s another one for the Once Upon A Time Challenge. I’m so grateful to my co-worker for getting me to read Maria Snyder’s books. I have loved them all and I wish I could find more books like these. What’s even better, said co-worker has arranged for Ms. Snyder to come visit our library in May. So, looking forward to that.

First off, if you want to read Storm Glass, make sure you’ve read the Study Series first. It’s a spoiler for all of those books and you really need to know what happened in them to keep up. It’s nice, because Snyder doesn’t do a ton of re-cap in her books, which is something that drives me crazy. Storm Glass is Opal’s story and starts about four years after Fire Study. Because of Opal’s talent of blowing magic into glass, she is brought to the Citadel to see if she might have any other talents. Her classmates call her a one-trick wonder because, despite her amazing feet in Fire Study, she doesn’t seem to be able to do much else involving magic. Nevertheless, she is sent on a mission with Zitora, Second Magician, to discover why the glass orbs that the Storm Dancers use to gather a storm’s energy keep breaking. If nothing else, Opal is a master glass-blower and it is to Snyder’s credit that she makes glass-blowing or whatever occupation her characters might have absolutely fascinating. There are a few fun cameos, too. I wish I could tell you more about the book, but don’t want to give anything away. If you like the study series, you’ll probably like Storm Glass, too. Just remember that it’s a different story in the same world, not a continuation of Yelena and Valek’s story.

I love the cover for this one and for Sea Glass which is due out in September.


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