Hogwash ~ Arthur Geisert

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hogwashWhen picking out books for children, you never know when they are going to really love a book. You may have a hunch as I did with Hogwash. My son loves machines and tools. He got an old home improvement book for his birthday and he loves to just sit and look at the schematics for the chainsaw. So, when I saw the drawings in this book, I thought it would be a good fit. Well, it was a huge hit! We “read” or looked at this wordless book what felt like 50 times. It was at least 25. There is so much going on, you see something new each time.

So what’s it about? A group of young pigs head out to the water hole, fill it with water and “wallow” in the mud. Then they “wallow” in paint. Sounds like a little kid’s dream come true! When the mother pigs find them, they march the piglets over to a crazy Rube Goldberg washing machine and when they’ve finished washing them, they hang them out to dry. My son thought it was hilarious! The illustrations are so great. I was hoping to find a website with Geisert’s artwork, but I couldn’t find one. Here’s an interesting bio. Apparently he has a bunch of other great books, which we are going to check out. I’m also looking forward to watching these two videos about Mr. Geisert at work.


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