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I recently read an interview with Anna Lawrence Pietroni an author I admit to knowing nothing about. After reading the answer to the question what are your top five authors, I want to know more. Here is her response:

Your top five authors:

I have lots of top threes. Top three repeatedly read: Sara Paretsky, for the V.I. Warshawski novels; Cynthia Voigt, for Homecoming; Margaret Mahy, for The Changeover. Top three late-20th-century dazzling prose writers: Michael Ondaatje (for In the Skin of a Lion), Annie Proulx (for The Shipping News), Anne Michaels (for Fugitive Pieces). Top three writers of compelling tales: Sarah Waters, C.J. Sansom, Barbara Kingsolver (for The Poisonwood Bible in particular).

First off, I love that she didn’t answer the question with just five and that she had three different lists with different criteria. That is probably how I would have answered the question. But more than that, for each category she had two authors that I’ve never read mixed with one author that I love.

First, The Changeover. This was probable one of a dozen actual young adult novels I read when I was a young adult and I read it at least three times. I guess this is the root of why I’ve recently been drawn to urban fantasy/paranormal romances.

Second. For “dazzling prose writing,” Michael Ondaatje, In the Skin of the Lion. Yes. A hundred times yes. I don’t care what the man writes about. It’s always luscious.

Third. Barbara Kingsolver’s Poisonwood Bible. I love Kingsolver, but this was my favorite. Historical fiction, multiple points of view and a fascinating subject.


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