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This month I’m really trying to push myself a little more than usual. I get a late start on everything these days, so I like to think of it like some belated New Year’s resolutions. Except that I don’t really make resolutions – improvements, challenges – that’s more like it. I’ve started driving after about 20 years. I got a license back then, but I never really drove and somewhere along the line I developed a bit of a phobia of driving/riding in the car. I’ve been needing to get back on the road for a while, so when my bus sped right past me a few weeks ago, it seemed like a perfect time to sign up for those driving lessons. I had worked myself up into a ball of nerves before my first lesson, but when I got behind the well it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. My driving instructor is great. I can’t say enough about him. Compared to my last driving instructor who insisted on telling me how horrible I was and that I would never get my license pretty much anyone would be better. That’s the big one, so I thought I’d add a couple of fun challenges, too.

First, Carl’s fantastic Once Upon A Time Challenge:

I’m only about a month late signing up for the challenge, but I have read some fantasy since it started, so I like to think that I was reading in the spirit. Here are some of the books I’ve read so far and some more that I plan to read:


I’m pretty sure I’ll be reading Tamora Pierce, so that leads me to my second Challenge. Chelle is hosting the Pursuing the Lioness Challenge and I’m really late signing up for that, but I’ll try to read fast!

I mentioned that I was going to pick up Alanna but I didn’t have a chance to grab it, and the next day the first two books in the series were on my desk with a note that said, “no pressure.” Right! So, Alanna is next on my list and I’m looking forward to it. There were so many great posts on Chelle’s blog about people’s experiences reading them. I’m curious, too, because the main character in Wintergirls was a big fan of Tamora Pierce.


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