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I happened to catch an interview with Alice Hoffman on the radio. Many of the people that I work with like Alice Hoffman, but I’ve never been particularly enticed into reading any of her adult novels. Incantation, one of her YA books, has been on my “to be read” list for quite a while and after reading Chelle’s review of Green Witch, I’ve been wanting to read that, too.

I would have just included a link to the interview, but the podcast wasn’t up when I checked and you would have to listen to a story about the economy and right whales (which was pretty neat, too!) So, instead here is my woeful job of paraphrasing!

The interview began with Hoffman reading and the writing was so lyrical that I thought she was reading a poem. I felt a little giddy when I found out that she was actually reading from her novel Green Witch. It was interesting that she wrote Green Angel after 9/11 when she was experiencing extreme writer’s block. It’s not what I would have thought of as the typical 9/11 story, but that event seems to have far reaching consequences.  Green Witch is the first sequel that Hoffman has ever written and she did so, because so many people wrote to her to say that they felt like they wanted more from the character. Okay, what have I been waiting for? Must find a way to bump up those books on my list!

One other thing that struck a cord with my during the interview was when she was talking about surviving breast cancer. She said that writing helped her get through that ordeal, but that she asked her doctor if breast cancer was always going to be the main character? Her doctor replied that for a while it would be, but that eventually it would become the mother of the main character or the brother of the main character. I thought that was such an apt way of describing how we deal with some of the major challenges in our lives even if we aren’t writers.


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