Comfort Reads

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This seems to be a topic that’s getting around. I just read posts on it here and here, today. I was wondering if I actually have comfort reads. I don’t re-read too much unless a new book in a series is coming out or I have to re-read for a discussion at work. I feel kind of guilty re-reading since there are so many books on my nightstand and in boxes waiting for homes! How could I spend time re-reading when I haven’t even touched the surface of what’s out there or at least in my house. But, I do relate to the concept of comfort reads. That’s part of why I read so many books at a time.

I always start with a book that I might not breeze through first, like non-fiction, poetry or something more literary and then finish the evening with my “candy” reading. It’s like a little comfort every day. It could be a romance, urban fantasy or just something that I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy.

Sometimes I pick a book or genre that is a comfort read. I love historical fiction, so I might pick that if I don’t want to challenge myself and I can lose myself in the historical details. Other times, I might just pick an author that I already love, Tracy Chevalier, Michael Ondaatje, Michael Chabon, Barbara Kingsolver. I want to add Toni Morrison, but she is a little too complicated for comfort. And come to think of it, I haven’t read Remarkable Creatures or The Lacuna yet, so I have a few things in my comfort arsenal.

Finally, there are the books that I re-read or at least re-read parts of sometimes instead of my candy reading, because they make me sigh. I have to thank Chelle, because she always recommends the best ones in this category and if it weren’t for her, I would probably not be reading anything fun. So, this category pretty much includes anything by Meljean Brook, Jeaniene Frost or Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series.


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