Some Poetry for Summer

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I just got the poetry catalog for Copper Canyon Press. Copper Canyon is one my favorite publishers for poetry.  Norton, Knopf and B.O.A. editions are probably my other favorites, but if you have any others in mind, please let me know. The print catalog has a sample poem for each and here are some titles that looked good to me:

The Dangerous Shirt ~ Albert Rios

Alberto Rios’s sixth full-length book of poems explores the magic located in mundane reality. Here is an improbably true space where human bodies suddenly fall through floorboards, the prickly feeling of limbs “fallen asleep” becomes stars buzzing under the skin, and ironed shirts hanging in a closet take on a foreboding sense of danger.


Flood Song ~ Sherwin Bitsui

“I bite my eyes shut between these songs.” So begins Flood Song, a concentrated, interweaving, painterly sequence in which Native tradition scrapes against contemporary urban life. In his second book, Sherwin Bitsui intones landscapes real and imagined, populated with the wrens, winds, and reeds of the high desert and constructed from the bricks and gasoline of the city. Reverent to his family’s indigenous traditions while simultaneously indebted to European modernism and surrealism, Bitsui is at the forefront of a younger generation of Native writers.

Twigs and Knucklebones ~ Sarah Lindsay

Small Moth

She’s slicing ripe white peaches

in the Tony the Tiger bowl

and dropping slivers for the dog

poised vibrating by her foot to stop their fall

when she spots it, camouflaged,

a glimmer and then full-on —

happiness, plashing blunt soft wings

inside her as if it wants

to escape again.


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