Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

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spyschoolRelease Date: March 6, 2012
Author Info: WebsiteFacebook
Series: Spy School
genre: spy
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 978-1442421837
Age Range: 8-12
Source: Library
Imagine surviving another dreary day in middle school only to find a James Bond look alike in your living room ready to whisk you off to become a teenage spy. For Ben Ripley, it sounds to good to be true and yet how can he pass up an opportunity to do something cool for once in his life. Unfortunately for Ben, he has to tell all of his friends that he’s going to a science school thus solidifying his nerd status. Not-to-fear, dodging would-be assassins keeps Ben pretty preoccupied.

This book was such great fun. Sure, Ben Ripley is not Alex Rider or young James Bond, but odds are more readers will identify with Ben than with the other two young men. Spy School is action-packed and funny. I found myself cheering for accidental spy student, Ben, the whole way through. Gibbs certainly knows how to create interesting characters. Ben’s relationship with the beautiful, invincible Erica Hale a.k.a “ice queen” and descendent of the first American spy Nathan Hale makes his growth as a spy more believable. It also makes Erica a more sympathetic character.

The pace moves quickly with one impossible scene after another and some great plot twists. The ending took me by surprise for sure. I was in the middle of a reading slump and Spy School helped me to get out of it. I immediately picked up the sequel, Spy Camp.

Five favorite things about Spy School:

  1. Ben is a math genius and he uses algebra as a tactic to combat an enemy
  2. Ben always knows what time it is
  3. Erica knows where everyone is at all times
  4. The underground tunnels all under the school
  5. Alexander Hale, the James Bond of spy school, drinks Gatorade not martinis

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