The Doldrums ~ Nicholas Gannon

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doldrumsRelease Date: 9/29/15
Author Info: Website
Series: The Doldrums #1
genre: adventure, travel, historical fiction
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 9780062320940
Age Range: 9-12

Have you ever wanted to be an explorer? Or wondered what it would be like to tour the world and bring back treasures from far away lands? Archer Helmsley thinks about this everyday. His house is like the Natural History Museum full of stuffed animals and artifacts all from his adventurer grandparents. Archer longs to follow in their footsteps. He, too, has that yearning to travel and explore. Unfortunately for him, his mother tries to squash that desire every chance she can get. Ever since his grandparents have gone missing on a glacier in Antarctica, Archer has been confined to his house when not at school. But Archer is determined to rescue his grandparents. He enlists the help of his new found friends and neighbors, Oliver and Adelaide. The friends meet up on the roofs of their houses to hatch a plot to save the elder Helmsleys.

This book was such fun. It was clever and fantastical. If you love quirky, oddball characters this book is definitely for you. If you are looking for a fast-paced thriller maybe this wouldn’t be your cup of tea. In fact, this reminds me of all the time I spent daydreaming when I was a kid. This is a book for big-hearted, gentle souls who wish they were Ernest Shackleton. Unplug your technology and get lost in this world.

Gannon’s lovely artwork gives the book a historical feel and I couldn’t wait to reach an illustrated page.  He has an enchanting website that mirrors the newspaper featured his book.

Five Favorite Things About The Doldrums:

  1. Oliver runs with his eyes shut when he is in a hurry.
  2. The friends communicate via paper airplane.
  3. Archer has a few spectacular falls.
  4. There are fireflies.
  5. The belief in impossible plans.

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